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Archaeological park of "Occhiolà"
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Grammichele, together with Caltagirone, Castel of Iudica, Licodia Eubea, Mazzarrone, Militello in Val in Catania, Mirebella Imbaccari, Mineo, Palagonia, Raddusa, Ramacca, St. Cone, St. Michael of Ganzaria, Scordia and Vizzini, is one of the 15 communes of the area of the District Calatino South Simeto, situated in the oriental south slope of the province in Catania.
The south calatino is a district from the great tourist potentialities, sets as it is in the heart of a zone in which Piazza Armerina and Noto, few distant serve as point of national and international reference.

Grammichele, Militello, Mineo (city native of Capuana), Caltagirone, city of ancient origin medioevale, famous for his/her ceramics, Vizzini (city native of Rod), you displaces along the run of the Baroque Sicilian, I am tappe of itinerary of historical centers of unbelievable beauty.

Nevertheless the Baroque one that he finds to Grammichele, Catania, Syracuse, Noto, Avola, Ragusa, Modica, etc. it is not the typical Baroque of the centers of south-oriental Sicily reconstructed after the 1693 earthquake, but it is a Baroque more whimsical.

These territories offer agricultural products typical of high quality as the red orange of Palagonia, the fig trees of Indian of Militello, the grape of Mazzarrone, the oil, the hard wheat and the oranges of Grammichele. Of notable importance they are the products of the manufacturing and handicraft activities: the ceramics of Caltagirone, the workmanship of the laces of Mirabella Imbaccari. The central and strategic geographical position of Grammichele also allows besides the most beautiful and important places of tourist, artistic, folklorist and gastronomic interest of oriental Sicily as Catania, Taormina, Syracuse, Ragusa, Modica, Noto.

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Via Giambattista Vico 142 - Grammichele (CT)
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