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Archaeological park of "Occhiolà"
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Shortly after three months from the earthquake of 11 January of 1693 that it destroyed together with many other centers of the Val of Known also Occhiolà, the prince Carlo Maria Carafa Branciforti founded one feud of his to around 2 Km from the hillock of Occhiolà “Grammichele”.

Work of the same prince, frà coadiuvato Michael from Ferla, the hexagonal plant of the new city, only example of rational architecture in Italy together with the fortitude of Palmanova.

The perimeter is also constituted by a having hexagon to the center a plaza it hexagonal with the closed angles wide mq. 8.164,80. Five arteries ring fingers untie him around the central plaza, center of the Mother Church and the Town Building, and from this other six perpendicular arteries are radiated to the first that they are introduced in as many rectangular plazas to closed angles with access to the center of the sides.

These plazas are to them it turns generating of as many peripheral rectangular districts to road net prepared ortogonale everything around the hexagonal central zone.


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