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Archaeological park of "Occhiolà"
Parties and Demonstrations



Parties and Demonstrations

19 March
Appointment in C.M Plaza. Carafa for the so-called one "eaten" of the Sacred Family. Two orfanellis, that personify Maria and adolescent Jesus and an elderly in the cloths of S. Joseph, has lunch on a stage where, subsequently they have auctioned the gifts offered by the population. The result is devolved for the drawn orfanellis.

Week Saint
The celebrations begin on Sundays of the Palms, with the benediction of the palms and the branches of ulivo, brought by the believers. Domenica evening, in the church of the Spirit Saint, can be assisted to the function of the opening of the Christ to the Column, which (statue in paper crushes going up again to the XIX century) participates besides the believers the brotherhoods of the city. The Wednesday evening, after three days of meditations and prayers, the procession of the Christ happens to the Column. In the evening of Thursday, in all the churches they are prepared of the "Altars of the deposition" commonly said "Sepulchres." The Friday evening, believers and brotherhoods accompany the suggestive procession, that departing from the church of the Calvary, the simulacris of died Jesus and Maria Addolorata bring for the streets of the country. The rites of the holy Week see protagonists the Brotherhoods of the SS. Sacrament and of the Purgative souls, already present to Occhiolà in the '600, characterize the one from the red color the atra from the green. Of particular merit they are their standards, constituted by cloths of silk, embroidered to arabesque in gold, I suspended to an auction long three meters. During the late evening of Saturday, in all the churches the vigil of Resurrezione is celebrated.

6/7/8 May
Celebration of the party in honor of the Saints Patrons, S. Michael Arcangelo and S. Caterina. Besides the religious party, that develops him with a solemn "Triduo" in the Mother church, the procession of the simulacris is assisted to for the city roads. In the three days of celebrations different demonstrations folklorists and shows of diversion are followed. The party opens and is closed with spectacular pyrotechnic games.

Party of the Madonna of the Plan
Between sacred and profane every year 6, 7 and 8 September faith, tradition and folklore are met to Grammichele on the occasion of the celebrations of the Madonna of the Plan.
Place of the appointment the Sanctuary of Saint Maria Maggiore, building of the XV century, to north of the city, been miraculously standing after the 1693 tragic earthquake. For centuries romitorio of monks and place of comfort for wayfarers, the sanctuary preserves a dessert statue of the Madonna, copy of the precious cloth of the Vaccaro is goes lost because of a theft or of a fire. During the three September days, the ancient hill of Terravecchia becomes animated natural scenery where religious demonstrations harmoniously cohabit with folklore and local culinary traditions becoming. Daily as believers hasten you to participate with sincere devotion in the liturgical ceremonies celebrated in the pleasant sanctuary of the Madonna of the Plan, small gioiellino of the sacred art secentesca restored with care by the local maestranzes. Peak of the religious demonstrations the nighttime (or flambeau) procession in the daytime 8. A scenografica and suggestive wake of lights that slowly it crosses the tortuous journey of Plan Cross accompanying the effigy of the Madonna in a to alternate of songs, choral and many colored prayers fiaccolate. September for the grammichelesis is, therefore, the month of the devotion. The parishes organize, in fact, nighttime processions that push him toward the sacred place from the country. Particularly touching it is, then, the mass celebrated in honor of the patients. For devotion, besides, every day, gruppettis of believers, cross, at times also barefoot, the 2 kilometers that separate Grammichele from the old medieval suburb of Occhiolà. Among the ancient customs still today alive in the popular tradition, the trip de' "virgineddi": pilgrimage organized by the believers with the share of 12 or more facing young girl to thank and to praise the Virgo Maria for the received graces. The homage concludes him with the lunch of the verginelles anciently bejeweled for the occasion. Up to a little while ago among the classical dishes of the banquet you/he/she could not miss "pasta co maccu" (soup of honeycombs). To serve as frame to the religious celebrations the feast of the sausage with the tasting of the food product typical of the tradition grammichelese very settled by the good home forks and not it hastened to the Plan for the occasion. The afternoon of 7 is devoted besides to the articulated folklore in two different moments: to "de belches' pignatti" and "to pigghiata of antinna" or "tree of the abundance."


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