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Archaeological park of "Occhiolà"
Parties and Demonstrations




Elements of artistic interest are verifiable in he/she asked her:

Mother church: it possesses paintings of the '600 and of the '700 among which those of Saint Caterina of Alexandria (coming from Occhiolà) and the Madonna of the Rosary. The dedication of the church to St. Michael Arcangelo is tied up to the introduction to the epoch of the foundation of the cult of Michael what protecting from the earthquakes. To his/her inside you/they can be admired, besides, the stately dome istoriata, the decorated marmoreal altars elegantly and the original prospectus drawn by the architect Carlo Sada.

Church Spirit Saint: it was destroyed from the waters rain of it and it suffered, beginning from 1822, a series of works of reconstruction finished in 1886. The external façade has been completed only in 1970. The Church has a plant to Latin cross, it entertains original pictures as that of St. Francis from 1830 Paola painted by Michelangelo Selva says "the lame one of Hooks." Of relief they are also the representing paintings of the Barberis the apparition of Jesus to Saint Maria the Coque and the purgative souls. Of unknown author is the marvelous statue secentesca in cartapesta of the Christ to the column, that is brought in procession for the streets of the city on Wednesdays of the Week Saint.

Church of St. Leonardo: initiated at the end of 1700 and completed around 1850. It preserves to his/her inside a jewel Crucifix coming from Occhiolà, attributed to among' Humble from Petralia (1580-1693).

Church of the Calvary: preceded by a suggestive stairway, show a façade closed by an elegant order for the lodging of the bells and preserve to his/her inside one "Deposition" datable at the end of the '700. To reach the church of the Calvary is necessary to cross the course Rome, and looking at the church is clearly noticed that center respect the axle of the road (asymmetrically) has been set out, this is not an error but a select position to get the sketch of a cross on the city.
Practically uniting with a virtual line the cross posts aloft to the followings churches, a cross it will be gotten, where the Mother church results the center of it:

linea1 - church of the Calvary, Mother church, church of St. Raffaele Arcangelo
linea2 - church St. Joseph, Mother church, church St. Rocco

Church of Saint Rocco: Behind the Church of the Spirit Saint and to the center of the homonym sestiere (one of the most ancient of the city), the Church of Saint is found Rocco, that introduces an eighteenth-century plant and a façade of the first ones of the '900.

The Church of Sant'Anna: The Church of Sant'Anna is of mannered Baroque style. Its construction had beginning toward the end of the XVII sec. and you/he/she was completed in 1774. The inside is articulated in an only aisle; artistic plasters enrich the wall. To notice the representing central medallion the crowning of S. Ann, work of Bongiovanni, painting in 1782.

The Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Plan is found in the city outskirts, northwestern of Terravecchia. The sacred building, built in the XV century and miraculously escaped to the 1693 sisma, it is of particular symbolic value for the population of Grammichele, as well as destination of pilgrimages and center of an ancient popular party, introduce him with a simple structure placed side by side by lower bodies. Its prospectus introduces a portal of entry surmounted by a central finestrone. Its walls preserve some representing frescos the histories of the Madonna of the Plan.


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